Pub Crawl Information

We are going to try to follow the following route and venues for the Pub Crawl tonight. We will aim to end up at Victorian Village by 9:30pm to watch and dance heroically to Blue Light Scene!!!

We ask you either stock up on food before or during the crawl at your own convenience!! We will be spending about 40-50 mins at each establishment before moving to the next one…

Here is the route (painted by Picasso)

Pub crawl 15

Meet at Lake St (1) at 5:30pm (food available)

Head to Siebkens (2) at 5:50pm

Head to Osthoff Elk Room (3) at 6:30pm

Head to Lincoln Street (4) at 7:15pm (food available)

Head to Brown Baer (5) at 8:00pm (food available)

Head to El Taco (6) at 8:45pm (food available)

Head towards Victorian Village at 9:20pm (8) via Lake St (1) and Paddock Club (7)

Arrive Victorian Village at 9:30pm (8)

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